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Environmental Management Systems

The aim of implementing Environmental Management Systems is to comply with the Group's Environmental Policy as well as the legislation in force.

In order to continuously improve the environmental performance of its Companies' activities, products and services, the Environmental Management Systems of the Group's Companies focus on monitoring and responding to the applicable legal requirements, drawing up annual programmes, conducting environmental analyses and audits on the business units and monitoring environmental aspects.


In 2016, 326 internal environmental audits were conducted on stores, warehouses and Distribution Centres (DC) in both Portugal and Poland to ensure their compliance with the law and with the Group's internal Environmental Management procedures. Based on the positive results of 2015, and for the cases where the level of compliance was greater than 90%, it was decided to reduce the number of follow-up audits to be carried out, thereby justifying the decrease of 12%.

In Portugal, we carried out 301 internal environmental audits and 25 in Poland. Corrective actions are always defined when the score is less than 100%.


The Environmental Management Systems implemented within the Group are based on the ISO 14001:2012 international standard. In Portugal, the number of DC with this certification remained at 4 (Azambuja, Vila do Conde, Guardeiras and Algoz) out of a total of 9. In Poland, the 15 DC have the same certification.

In 2016, all the Polish DC renewed their certification for handling organic products, according to EC Regulation 834/2007.