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Stakeholder Awareness

We play an active part in raising the awareness of our publics for the adoption of more sustainable practices and behaviour.

The Group's recognition of the central importance of individual and collective behaviour towards the better management of natural resources, emissions and waste led to the development in 2016 of various awareness initiatives with our major related parties, of which we highlight.


  • in 2016, the 5th Sustainability Conference was held, aimed at the Group's senior management and strategic suppliers. This meeting brought together approximately 200 participants, from the 3 countries in which the Group has operations and focused on sustainable fishing, fishing practices, aquaculture, market trends and challenges ahead for the business;
  • publication of articles on environmental themes in the in-house magazine "A Nossa Gente" (Our People), which is distributed to all employees in Portugal and in the "Razem w JM" magazine, which is distributed to all employees in Poland;
  • raising awareness of all office employees in Poland of World Earth Day (22.04.2016) through an internal communication and employees at the headquarters and DC through the planting of 1,500 new trees in the forest close to Baniocha in collaboration with the Sierzchow Forestry. A contest also took place involving 190 employees, with the aim of promoting the construction of something useful from waste (promoting recycling). Two first prizes were awarded - the "Playhouse for children" project and "Gardening materials organizer" - and another 10 prizes were distinguished;
  • training sessions on best environmental management practices for employees carried out in Portugal, Poland and Colombia, corresponding to a volume of over 4,400 training hours;
  • in the DC and offices in Poland, signs were placed in strategic locations calling for savings in energy, water and waste management. Portugal experienced the roll-out of the "Let's Go Green" project in 2015 in the Group's headquarters, in two new locations in Portugal with the aim of fostering the adoption of more responsible practices in the use of energy, water and paper.

Customers and consumers:

  • in May 2016, Hebe, in Poland, stopped giving away free plastic bags at the check-outs to promote customer their reduction, joining Biedronka, in Poland, and Pingo Doce and Recheio, in Portugal;
  • in-store campaigns carried out in Biedronka stores promoting the adoption of best environmental practices:
  1. films about separation of packaging waste screened during the "Cinema with Biedronka" event held in 35 cities, with more than 10 thousand spectators;
  2. 8th edition of the "Ecologic by nature" eco-event, which allowed the collection of about 17 thousand kg of glass waste and 49.4 thousand used batteries;
  • regular publication of articles against food waste and promoting environmental and social best practices in the "Sabe Bem" (Tastes Good) (bi-monthly circulation of 100-150 thousand copies), "Notícias Recheio" (Recheio News) (bi-monthly circulation of 50 thousand copies) and "Kropka TV" (weekly circulation of around  210 thousand copies) magazines, aimed at Pingo Doce, Recheio and Biedronka customers, respectively;
  • in Portugal, of note we highlight the awareness campaigns on used cooking oils in Pingo Doce and Recheio and the reuse of checkout bags at Pingo Doce.