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Hand-in-hand with Society

We work together with various entities in the areas of health and nutrition, to promote healthy eating.

Promoting a spirit for sharing knowledge on food, nutrition and health, the Group has been actively involved with institutions in society in fighting eating habits that may lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes among others, and in publicising products for people with special dietary needs.

Cooperation with the Polish Institute of Diet and Nutrition

We developed low-calorie products, with the objective of bringing the food portions in line with physical needs, in partnership with the Instytut Żywności i Żywienia (Polish Institute of Food and Nutrition).

Within the scope of this partnership we carried out the 2nd edition of the "Czytaj Etykiety" (Read the Labels) campaign which aimed to make Polish consumers aware of the importance of reading and understanding food labels. This campaign was carried out through in-store communications, on the banner's website and also in the "Kropka TV" magazine, which has an average weekly distribution of 250 thousand copies. In addition nutritionists gave consultations to provide advice in 50 selected stores.

The campaign "5 Garści dla Zdrowia" (Fruit and Vegetables, 5-a-Day) that took place in 2015, in partnership with this institution, aimed to raise awareness on the importance of eating fruit and vegetables every day. Available for consultation at www.5garscizdrowia.biedronka.pl, this platform has over 18 thousand users, who have access to healthy recipes.

Partnership with the Polish Association of Celiac Sufferers and a Gluten-Free Diet

In 2014, Biedronka began a partnership with the Polish Association of Celiac Sufferers and a Gluten-Free Diet (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Osób z Celiakią i na Diecie Bezglutenowej) to make the product labelling more intuitive.

Cooperation with the Portuguese Heart Foundation

In the context of this partnership, the "A Healthy Choice" symbol is shown on the cold meat products, making it easier to identify the products that are low in fat and salt and thereby contributing towards a more balanced diet that is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Partnership with the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health

Pingo Doce participated in the "Programa Nacional para a Promoção da Alimentação Saudável" (Portuguese Programme for Promoting Healthy Food) within the scope of the cooperation protocol with the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health for sharing healthy recipes, which can be seen on its website.

Partnership with the Portuguese Association of Celiac Disease

Pingo Doce has maintained a partnership with the Portuguese Association of Celiac Disease whereby gluten-free Private Brand products are identified and an informative list of these is made available at the Pingo Doce website.

Collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists

Pingo Doce sponsored and supported in 2014, by sharing recipes, the e-book "Dieta Mediterrânica - Um Padrão de Alimentação Saudável", (Mediterranean Diet - A Healthy Food Standard) written by the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists (APN), which when launched generated over 7 thousand positive comments on the APN's Facebook page. In 2015, Pingo Doce sponsored the XIV Congress of Food & Nutrition.

Collaboration with the Food and Nutrition Observatory

Pingo Doce sponsored the 1st Edition of the Food and Nutrition Observatory, resulting in a survey on food consumption habits in Portuguese society.

From the results, which were disclosed in 2015, it was possible to confirm that the strategy for launching and reformulating Pingo Doce Private Brand products is still up-to-date with regard to:

  • the nutritional profile regarding fat, salt and sugar;
  • the availability of products that support specific food regimens and also;
  • healthier cooking suggestions, serving dishes with vegetables.