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Principles of Corporate Responsibility

We seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental preservation.

We believe that our history of more than two hundred years of operations says a great deal about how responsibly we have developed our business and about the medium and long-term vision that we incorporate into the decisions that we take throughout the value chain. Indeed, in the Jerónimo Martins Group we seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between necessary economic prosperity and an active contribution to social development and environmental conservation in the regions where our presence is felt. In other words, we are committed to value creation beyond the short term and to the continuous improvement of our capacity to meet present needs in a way that allows future generations to also meet their needs.

As leaders of Food Distribution in the countries in which we operate, we are aware that our dimension gives us a significant capacity to influence practices and processes and that our activity generates significant impacts on communities and on the environment.

Our approach to responsibility in the medium and long term is reflected, for example, in encouragement of the adoption of good farming practices and high quality and food safety standards for production, in the thousands of jobs that we create each year, and in the various environmental initiatives that we have instigated, such as recycling and water and energy saving projects.