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Our Commitments

See our Corporate Responsibility goals for each of the pillars of action.

Commitments Year Status
Further improve the nutritional profile of both the Private Brand products, through product innovation and reformulation, and in the Meal Solutions meals. 2017 In progress.
Continue to develop programmes promoting the Mediterranean Diet and awareness for reading food labels amongst consumers. 2017 In progress.
Increase the number of references of the lactose-free and gluten-free range, in Private Brand products in Portugal and Poland. 2017 In progress.
In Portugal, ensure that products intended for children have a higher nutritional profile than the market benchmark. 2017 In progress.
In Portugal, develop and implement nutritional information in the Meal Solutions area. 2017 Accomplished.
In Portugal, in the Meal Solutions area, test meals for consumers with special dietary requirements or those who seek other dietary options. 2017 In progress.
In Portugal, continue to develop and implement nutritional information in the Bakery. 2017 Accomplished.

Commitments Year Status
Reduce the Group's carbon footprint by 2% in the 2015-2017 three-year period (per €1,000 of sales), compared to 2014. 2017 In progress.
Make an annual reduction in the consumption of water and electricity of 2% per year (comparing the same store network in Portugal and Poland). 2017 In progress.
Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 5 p.p. in the 2015-2017 three-year period, compared to 2014 (objective measured using the ratio amount of waste recovered / total amount of waste). 2017 In progress.
Increase the number of locations with environmental certification (at least 20). 2017 In progress.
Implement at least 10 SKU per year packaging ecodesign projects for Private Brand products. 2018 In progress.

Commitments Year Status
In all brands, ensure continuity of the sourcing of at least 80% of food products from local suppliers. 2017 In progress.
Continue to introduce sustainability certificates (UTZ certification, Fairtrade, MSC, EU-Ecolabel or others) for at least:

- Private Brand (two products);

- Perishables (four products).
2017 Accomplished.
Reduce by 5% the presence of palm oil in the total sales of Private Brand products. 2017 In progress.
Reduce by 5% soya, beef, wood and paper products from countries at risk of deforestation. 2017 In progress.
Contribute to achieve the Zero Net Deforestation goal by 2020, as defined by The Consumer Goods Forum. 2020 In progress.
Ban from all the Jerónimo Martins banners Private Brands' offer the sales of fresh eggs coming from caged hens. 2025 In progress.

Commitments Year Status
Monitoring and disclosure of the social impacts resulting from the support offered, according to the LBG (London Benchmarking Group) model. 2017 Accomplished.
In Portugal, start at least one project of community investment per year, aimed at children, young people or older people from vulnerable environments. 2017 In progress.
In Poland, strengthen the involvement in social projects, focused on children, young people and older people from vulnerable environments. 2017 Accomplished.
In Poland, further develop the programme to combat child malnutrition, under the project Partnerstwo dla Zdrowia (Partnership for Health):

- increase the number of schools by at least 5% in each academic year.
2017 Accomplished.
In Colombia, continue to support the programme Madres Comunitarias (Community Mothers), supporting two community nurseries, for each Ara store opened. 2017 In progress.
In Colombia, extend the involvement in social projects such as Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia (SOS Children's Villages) and Abaco - Asociación de Bancos de Alimentos de Colombia (Colombian Association of Food Banks) for the donation foodstuffs. 2017 Accomplished.

Commitments Year Status
Following the commitments made for the previous threeyear period and with the continued tough and very challenging economic environment for the employees' families, particularly in Portugal and in Poland, the strategic focus will remain on:

i. continuously improving the employees' working conditions;

ii. supporting the quality of life of our families in the different geographical areas in which we operate.
2017 In progress.