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Customer Ombudsman

The Customer Ombudsman is the Jerónimo Martins Companies customers' representative, ensuring that their rights and expectations are defended, guaranteeing that their opinions are discussed and watching over the Group’s values.

The Customer Ombudsman's activity is oriented for conflict resolution between costumers and the Group's Companies, and it is based on four principles: impartiality, neutrality, independence and confidentiality.

To assist in carrying out this role, there is a supporting team, made up by people specialised in different areas, ensuring efficiency in the scrutiny of events, handling of the information and contact with customers. This team also maintains the governance principles of the Customer Ombudsman Service.


  • By deploying the necessary means to clarify situations and drawing up recommendations, should there be evidence of behaviour that goes against the values and principles of the Group;
  • By identifying and recommending opportunities for internal improvement, considering the Group's values and strategy and the customers' interests.