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Our Publics

We build long-lasting partnerships and quality and trustful relationships with consumers, suppliers, partners and employees, among other stakeholders.

With a view to continuous improvement, we have furthered our involvement with all stakeholders, using specific communication channels, endeavouring to ensure greater alignment with their needs and expectations.

In order to ensure compliance with and disclosure and reinforcement of the Principles of Corporate Responsibility, the Group has two independent Committees: the Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee, which work with the Board of Directors, and the Ethics Committee, which monitors the disclosure of and compliance with the Code of Conduct by all the Group's Companies.

In addition, we also provide other interfaces and communication channels directed at the various publics with whom we maintain relations, such as the Investor Relations Office, the Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department, and the Human Resources Departments, the Customer Ombudsman and Customer Services of the Companies, as well as other entities that are part of the Group.

The Group's approach and its performance within the scope of the Corporate Responsibility pillars has been followed by a wide set of stakeholders, including Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) analysts.

As a recognition for its commitments, actions and performance in what concerns sustainability and the long term development of our business, the Jerónimo Martins Group was included in 2016 - for the first time - in the FTSE Russel indices: FTSE4Good Global Index and FTSE4Good Europe Index. The FTSE4Good series was created with the objective of helping investors to incorporate ESG criteria in their investment decisions.

Also in 2016, the Group was included in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Registers, the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe and the Euronext Vigeo Index: Eurozone 120.



Communication Channels

Shareholders and investors Investor Relations Department. Corporate website, e-mail, Annual Report, half-yearly corporate magazine, financial releases, meetings, conferences, roadshows, Investor's Day and shareholders' meetings.
Analysts Investor Relations Department, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department. Corporate website, e-mail, Annual Report, half-yearly corporate magazine, financial releases, meetings, conferences and Investor's Day.
Official bodies, Supervising Entities and Local Councils Investor Relations Department, Tax Departments, Legal Departments, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department. Corporate website, e-mail and post, half-yearly corporate magazine and meetings.
Suppliers, Business Partners and Service Providers Commercial, Marketing, Quality and Private Brand Development,  Food Safety, Environment, Regional Operations, Technical, Expansion, IT Departments and Ethics Committee. JM Direct Portal, follow-up visits, quality and food safety audits, business meetings, direct contacts and half-yearly corporate magazine.
Employees Human Resources Department, Training School, Ethics Committee and Employee Assistance Service. Employee Assistance Services (telephone line, post and electronic mail), internal magazines, intranet, operational and management meetings, annual performance appraisal, training sessions and internal climate surveys.
Customers and Consumers Customer Services, Customer Ombudsman and Ethics Committee. Toll-free phone lines, e-mail, corporate website and post.
Local communities Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department, Stores and Distribution Centres. Follow-up visits, meetings, protocols and partnerships/patronage.
Journalists Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department. Corporate website, press releases, press conferences, meetings, Annual Report and half-yearly corporate magazine.
NGOs and associations Communications and Corporate Responsibility Department. Follow-up visits, meetings, partnerships/patronage and  half-yearly corporate magazine.