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Organisations to which we Belong

The Jerónimo Martins Group is part of various national and international organisations and initiatives concerning Corporate Responsibility.

We believe that our relationship with organisations representing the sector, as well as others working with sustainable development, can contribute towards a better future.

We are part of the following initiatives: 

BCSD Portugal

BCSD Portugal - The Business Council for Sustainable Development is a non-profit association aimed at companies that are committed to integrating sustainable development objectives into their business models.

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We take part in the "Climate" and "Forests" indexes from the Carbon Disclosure Project which evaluates the prevention and mitigation of companies' environmental impacts.

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The Consumer Goods Forum is a global business-driven network which facilitates collaboration and collective action between retailers and manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods industry to drive positive change on strategic issues: climate change, waste, human rights, consumer health and wellness, food safety and data usage.

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EuroCommerce is the principal European organisation representing the Retail and Wholesale sectors. It embraces national associations in 31 countries and 5.4 million companies, both leading multinational retailers and many small family operations.

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The European Retail Round Table brings together the CEOs of Europe's leading international retail companies.

ERRT promotes the delivery of a more sustainable consumption model, and the creation of new market opportunities globally.

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Global Compact

Global Compact Portugal

Global Compact is an initiative of the United Nations, directed at companies who have committed to aligning their culture and strategies with the 10 Princíples in the human rights, labour practices, environment and anti-corruption areas.

We also participate in the Global Compact Network Portugal.

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The Global Food Safety Initiative's mission is to provide continuous improvement to food safety management systems in order to ensure a trustworthy supply of food to consumers worldwide and safe food for consumers, everywhere.

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GRACE - Group for Reflection and Support to Business Citizenship is a non-profit association comprised of a group of Portuguese companies from various sectors. GRACE promotes the development of Social and Business Responsibility initiatives.

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The Global Social Compliance Programme promotes the harmonisation of sustainability measures in the supply chain.

Its goal is to reduce the complexity of requirements and the duplication of audits.

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The London Benchmarking Group is comprised of companies who use a model for assessing the impacts of their investment on the surrounding communities.

This model, developed in partnership with Corporate Citizenship, aims to assess the impact of the support that companies give to society.

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Retail Forum for Sustainability

The Retailers' Environmental Action Programme is a voluntary initiative aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the Retail sector and its supply chain, working towards the promotion of more sustainable products, and providing better information to consumers.

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Retail Forum for Sustainability

The Retail Forum for Sustainability is a joint initiative of the Retail sector and the European Commission which aims to share best practices and identify opportunities and barriers for a sustainable development.

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Supply Chain Initiative

The Supply Chain Initiative aims to promote fairness in commercial relations along the food supply chain. Signatories commit to applying good practices in negotiation processes and to ensure that disputes are addressed in a fair and transparent manner.

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