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Value Chain and Sustainable Development

The sustainable development of our activity depends on how we manage our relations with the various players throughout the value chain.

We weigh up the consequences of our activity on the environment, society and the economy in all the countries in which we operate, throughout all the stages of our value chain.

That is the only way in which we can aspire to continuously create value, sharing it with all those involved.

Fighting Food Waste Throughout The Value Chain

We endeavour to continuously and efficiently monitor the management of raw materials throughout the value chain, with the goal of preventing waste production and recycling it so that it may be reintegrated into the economic cycle, in an effort to combat food waste. This intent is evident across the Group's five pillars of Corporate Responsibility:

  • Promoting Good Health through Food, by supplying ready-made soups, fruit and salads, through incorporating products that are not standardised for sale;
  • Respecting the Environment, by reducing the amount of food waste generated;
  • Sourcing Responsibly, by purchasing non-standardised food products which previously had little or no economic value. This practice guaranteed the use of over 13,300 tonnes of products in 2016;
  • Supporting Surrounding Communities, by donating 10 thousand tonnes of food to social institutions reaching hundreds of people in need, thereby contributing towards the fight against hunger and malnutrition;
  • Being a Benchmark Employer, through specific training initiatives for employees in identifying, selecting and separating food that is appropriate for consumption.

In 2016, the Group was recognised for its actions by the European Business Awards, having won the National Champion and Ruban d'Honneur awards in the "The Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability" category. Within this context, the Ethical Corporation also awarded an honourable mention in the "Most Effective Domestic Community Investment" category.

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