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Internal Social Responsibility

Jerónimo Martins maintains a constant focus on the well-being of employees and their families. In this context, the Group implemented several Internal Social Responsibility projects built on three strategic pillars: Health, Education and Family Well-Being.

Jerónimo Martins aims to contribute towards social cohesion in the communities where the Group is present, meeting the main expectations of the employees. In 2015, the Group invested more than 17 million euros within the scope of Internal Social Responsibility.



The "Mais Vida" (More Life) programme, created in partnership with the Fundação Champalimaud and the Portuguese Red Cross, provides complementary support to employees and members of their families suffering from cancer. Through this programme, employees, spouses and children benefit from the services of a second medical opinion at an international benchmark institution, from psychological support for the entire family unit, from transport for consultation and/or treatment and also from home support.

In 2015, Jerónimo Martins launched the "Famílias Especiais" (Special Families) programme, which is aimed at families with children and young people with neurological diseases, providing answers and effective support that is complementary to that offered by the National Health System. It includes three main aspects: complementary therapies (Hydrotherapy and Riding Therapy), therapies at home (Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy) and rest for the carer at home. This investment aims to contribute towards increasing the quality of life of employees and their children with special needs, as well as fostering their dignity and well-being.

A protocol with a wider scope was established with the Grupo Lusíadas Saúde, with a view to providing access to speciality consultations and treatment at competitive prices, at a benchmark health group in Portugal. This was widely used by the employees, especially regarding access to Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Dermatology and Ophthalmology consultations.

In 2015, the 3rd edition of the "SOS Dentista" (SOS Dentist) programme took place. Its objective is to support employees with lower incomes in carrying the burden of their dental treatment and to promote oral health, as such enabling an improvement of their quality of life. In this edition, 1,800 enrolments were registered.

The challenge of growing up represents a phase of change and adaptation for children and young people, which sometimes creates difficulties for the children and the parents. Being aware of this, Jerónimo Martins extended the "Programa de Psicologia Infantil e Juvenil" (Child and Juvenile Psychology Programme) to the district of Porto so that it is now present in the two largest regions of Portugal. Within the scope of this programme, 106 children/young people received follow-up.

In Poland, the "Let's Take Care of Our Health" programme enabled more than 4,400 employees to have access to free health screening, notably for breast cancer, cervix cancer and prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases and to have clinical analyses, as well as access to general practitioners. In 2015, the employees benefited for the first time from Ophthalmology and Dentistry consultations, and from telephone consultations in Nutrition and Psychology.

The programme of free seasonal flu vaccination covered 585 employees.

Also in Poland, the "Programme for Supporting Children with Special Needs on a Medical Level" includes access to medication, rehabilitation, surgery, psychological help for the families and participation in holiday camps for rehabilitation concerning autism and physical disabilities. In 2015, a rehabilitation camp for children with respiratory problems was organised. Around 90 children participated in the above-mentioned holiday camps.



In Portugal, the Group launched the 4th edition of the "Bolsas de Estudo" (Scholarship) programme, which is for employees and their children who, despite not having the financial means, wish to enrol or re-enrol in higher education. 88 scholarships were attributed for the 2015/2016 academic year. Since being launched in 2012, a total of 242 scholarship holders have benefited from this measure.

Within the scope of the "Regresso às Aulas" (Back to School) campaign, in Portugal and Poland the Group offered 5,100 school kits to employees' children who started the 1st year of primary school.

In Poland, was launched the "To School with Biedronka" programme, whereby the Group contributed of 80% of the school books' value for the children of employees with economic difficulties.

Also within this area of action, Jerónimo Martins promoted the "Campos de Férias de Verão" (Summer Holiday Camps) both in Portugal and in Poland, in which over 2,300 children participated. Also noteworthy is the "Campo de Férias em Inglaterra" (Holiday Camp in England) in which 44 children of employees participated from both countries.



In the Family Well-Being area, the Group celebrated Children's Day and Christmas, by offering a total of 116,975 presents in Portugal and in Poland, 50,390 on Children's Day and 66,585 at Christmas. In 2015, some changes to the "Kit Bebé" (Baby Kit) were introduced in Portugal, notably handing over a 125 euros voucher to buy nappies and baby milk. In Portugal and in Poland, 4,278 kits were attributed.

In Portugal, the "Fundo de Emergência Social" (FES - Social Emergency Fund) supported 912 employees, corresponding to around 2,400 support measures divided between the areas of food, health, education, legal advice and financial guidance. Compared to previous years, there was an increase in the support in the health area to the detriment of food support.

The FES has a network of 142 voluntary employees - the "Ambassadors" - who provide on the-ground follow-up to the employees supported by this Fund. The Ambassadors receive the technical and behavioural training they need for their mission. This training is complemented by a newsletter which, among other topics, provides information on the State responses to the problems identified and discloses a bi-monthly report on the current situation of the cases being followed-up.

In Poland, the "You Can Count on Biedronka" programme supported more than 8,000 employees in situations of economic difficulty.

Also in Poland, various of employees' sports activities were sponsored, notably football and volleyball, thereby aiming to encourage them to play sports and have a healthy lifestyle.