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Principles and Values

We seek to ensure a healthy and balanced working environment that is driven by high standards of conduct with a view to permanently reinforce a relationship of trust with our employees.

The Group operates in accordance with the applicable national and international legislation regarding human and workers' rights and we follow the guidelines of the United Nations Organization and the International Labour Organization, ensuring the abolition of any type of discrimination and promoting a healthy and balanced working environment in all the countries in which the Group carries out its business.

The Code of Conduct, which all our employees are aware of, reflects the mission and guiding principles which govern the organisation, as well as our commitment to a high standard of ethics in all our dealings.

It is the responsibility of the Ethics Committee to provide independent, impartial supervision of the disclosure of the Code of Conduct and the employees' compliance with it, in all the Group's Companies.

Our relationship with our employees is one of trust and proximity. Reflecting this are the Employee Services that exist in Portugal and in Poland, which receive contacts, in total confidentiality, for clarification on any labour-related issues, including notification of any cases of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct and requests for social support.

In 2015, our Employee Assistance Services recorded over 15,900 contacts from employees.