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Attraction and Retention

We prioritise the attraction and retention of people, through balanced and competitive salary packages, as well as professional development policies that are in line with their expectations.

In order to ensure a sustained pace of growth, we have made a special investment in the continuous training of our people, regardless of their role or country.

As far as the managers are concerned, the innovative training programmes in business management, leadership and innovation are noteworthy, as well as protocols with the best universities in the world to train our top management, with a view to a performance of excellence.

In Portugal, EFJM - Jerónimo Martins Training School and the Perishables School guarantees the training of all the Group employees, as well as ensuring that knowledge and best practices are transmitted internally.

With the objective of qualifying operators for the Perishables areas, the different Pingo Doce regions put into operation various courses for operators in the Butcher's, Bakery, Delicatessen and Take-Away, Fishery and Fruit and Vegetables areas.

In Poland, the Training Academies - Management Academy and Biedronka Management Academy have been developing specific leadership training programmes, tailor-made to the hierarchy, qualifications and experience of the participants.

In Colombia, the year was marked by the implementation of an on-the-job training model complemented by placing televisions in the stores to broadcast videos with a technical content aimed at employees that had recently joined and employees who had started new professional challenges, as a result of promotion or internal mobility, especially store managers and operators.

Also in Colombia, a programme began called "Trainer of Trainers", aimed at a total of 279 employees who hold management positions, and a leadership programme aimed at 70 employees, covering all the critical positions in the operations.

In 2015, 49,752 training sessions were recorded, representing a volume of 2,605,285 training hours.