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Quality and Safety

We invest in an offer of quality products, which are strictly analysed for safety purposes.

Perishables and Private Brand suppliers are regularly audited for assessment and follow-ups in terms of management and control of processes, the implemented quality system, the product formulation and labour and environmental aspects.

Suppliers are regularly re-assessed, the frequency depending on the classification obtained.


Table 1 shows the audits carried out on suppliers, on Perishables and Private Brand products, in 2015.  The audits include the following types: selection, control and follow-up (which includes product inspection).

Table 1 - Audits carried out on suppliers 2015.

Portugal 2015 2014   Δ%  
Perishables 802 895 -10%
Private Brand - Food and Non-Food 239 191 +25% 
Poland 2015 2014 Δ%
Perishables 1,550 1,573 -2%
Private Brand - Food and Non-Food 426 390 +9% 
Colombia 2015 2014   Δ%  
Perishables 48 12 +300%
Private Brand - Food and Non-Food 121 81 +49%

In 2015 a further 2,691 inspections on non-food Private Brand products were also carried out in Poland. In 2014 a further 2,502 inspections on non-food Private Brand products were also carried out in the same country.


The assessment of suppliers of Private Brand covers environmental requirements and includes criteria associated with the management of water, effluents, waste, atmospheric emissions, noise and hazardous substances.

The Group carried out 37 environmental audits on service providers in Portugal and 4 in Poland, which aimed at complying with the minimum environmental performance requirements, assessing the performance level and defining an action plan to correct non-compliances.

In 2015, the level of environmental performance was distributed as follows (for service providers in Portugal): 5% achieved a "High" performance, 92% "Basic" and 3% "Below basic". All the suppliers audited and classified with a "Below basic" level have received a corrective action plan which must be addressed within a maximum of six months.

The Group reserves the right to suspend its collaboration with suppliers who do not comply with its corrective action plan.


For us to guarantee a high quality and safe product, we prefer internationally renowned standards.

The Group favours - and requires, in the case of foreign suppliers not covered by our internal audit system - a relationship with suppliers who have a Food Safety certification recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, namely British Retail Consortium (BRC), Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global G.A.P.), HACCP/Codex Alimentarius or also ISO.

All potential new Biedronka Private Brand products suppliers must be audited in accordance with the internal criteria of the Jerónimo Martins Group.

In the case of suppliers who are not located in the three countries where the Group operates, they must be certified according to the food standards of the BRC, the International Featured Standards (IFS) or the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000.