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Certified Products

We aim at adding value to the products we market by integrating environmental and social concerns into the production methods and informing our customers at the same time.

In 2016, the following references of Private Brand products with sustainability certificates were launched:

  • 13 SKU (stock keeping units) with UTZ certified cocoa;
  • 8 SKU of fish products with Marine Steward Council certification;
  • 5 SKU of perishables with European Union Organic Farming certification;
  • 4 SKU of tea with the Rainforest Alliance certified seal;
  • 1 SKU of coffee Fairtrade certification;
  • 1 SKU with the EU-Ecolabel ecological certification.

These references joined existing Private Brand products with sustainability certificates, such as the 52 SKUs Pingo Doce organic products from the Fruit and Vegetables category.

Other Products


More than 90% of codfish (Gadus morhua) comes from Norway and around 50% of the frozen hake sold by Pingo Doce was caught in South African waters. In both cases, fishing was carried out by vessels which meet the standards of MSC certification.

Pingo Doce maintained its assortment of 6 canned tuna references with the Dolphin Safe label, as well as 6 cleaning detergent references with EU-Ecolabel certification. In the same period, Pingo Doce raised to 30 the number of references with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification (SFI) and maintained the 7 references with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Recheio ended the year with 8 SFI and 5 PEFC references.


The "Linda" range soaps, sold by Biedronka, were relaunched with the GreenPalm logo, assuring that the equivalent volume of palm oil used by the producer in the development of a reference is acquired from sustainably managed sources. In total, approximately 800 tonnes of palm oil obtained this certification.