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Partnerships and awareness

We believe that working in partnership and raising awareness to sustainability can turn environmental challenges into opportunities.

The Group maintained its technical support to Portuguese producers of lamb, veal, pork, chicken and turkey in 2015, promoting the use of cereal-based feed and advising on more efficient management and distribution methods.

The lamb sold by Pingo Doce is from animals grazing on natural pastures, as defined in the assumptions of High Natural Value agriculture and animal husbandry - which imposes low intensity production systems with reduced inputs - thereby helping to protect biodiversity.

Regarding fish, the Group maintained a direct relationship with dozens of Portuguese vessels, thereby stimulating local fishing. The partnership between the Group and a cooperative of fishermen in the area of Sesimbra was maintained, ensuring quality and price competitiveness, and traditional fishing practices that enables the sustained regeneration of species.



Focused on providing knowledge about the challenges that consumption and production trends pose for the sustainability of the agribusiness sector, the Jerónimo Martins Group Sustainability Conferences intends to discuss with their employees, partners and other institutions a vision of the future of the business that respect the limits of the planet.

With the presence of experts from public, private and academic organizations, national and international, and peers, themes such as agriculture, pressure on forests, social aspects and innovation in the sector have been discussed since 2012.

In 2016, under the theme "Fishing for Sustainability", we learned about the dynamics of ocean services and biodiversity, cases of successful species production and techniques of illegal, unreported and unregulated exploitation in various parts of the world that endanger the survival of fish and other living beings.

Fishing for Sustainability

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