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Sustainable Sourcing Policy

In our relations with suppliers, we pro-actively adopt initiatives to protect the environment and biodiversity at a local, national and global level.

There is an emerging need to include selection criteria that reflect ethical and environmental concerns, as well as the legal requirements.

We can bring about evolution in the supply chain with a view to gradually reducing, in a sustained manner, the risks and impacts of our activities on present and future generations.

Among other aspects, we believe that:

  • We can enhance our partnerships with suppliers, by establishing more sustainable supply chains;
  • The development of long-lasting commercial relationships, based on high ethical principles is a determining factor for the sustainable continuity of the business;
  • We are accountable for the environmental performance of our activities and, as such, must preserve the resources of the ecosystems and social well-being;
  • Consumers have increasingly legitimate concerns about the environmental impact of companies and their brands;
  • Protecting biological diversity is indispensable for the sustainability of the communities where we carry out our operations;

The Sustainable Sourcing Policy has the following objectives:

  • To ensure quality and food safety;
  • To encourage access to quality food products by practicing competitive and fair prices and by developing an investment and innovation policy for its Private Brands;
  • To promote healthy eating by making the best fresh products available and by continuously improving the nutritional formulae of the products of its Private Brands;
  • Boosting socio-economic development in the regions in which it operates;
  • Contributing positively towards the sustainability of the ecosystems and of the populations on which Jerónimo Martins directly or indirectly depends.

In order to achieve these objectives, we use a set of guiding principles which you may learn about in greater detail in our Sustainable Sourcing Policy.