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Innovative Offer

We actively work with our suppliers to bring innovative food solutions to the market.

Less commonly developed varieties in Portugal were sold by the Group's stores, giving customers access to a varied assortment of vegetables and at the same time, stimulating the development of new skills among producers. Products included in this project were round, scratched and yellow courgette; scratched eggplant; sweet cucumber and bimi, a variety of broccoli.

Similarly, in Poland new growth opportunities are also sought with local producers. Because of the close cooperation with suppliers, Biedronka was pioneer in having the malinowe tomato (raspberry tomato) in supermarkets and it was the only banner in Poland to have this variety in its stores throughout the year.

Inspired by this innovative spirit, Biedronka brought Antonówka apples and Klapsa pears to its stores after an extended period of testing together with its producers.

In order to promote the use of traditional Polish varieties in the preparation of meals, Biedronka launched the "Kuchnia Passionata" ("Passion for Cooking") a special range of vegetable products. This range results from cooperation between Biedronka and some producers, in search for solutions for the production of these varieties on a large scale to be sold in stores. The Irga and Bryza potatoes were the first to be sold in 2015.

In 2015, Biedronka established a network of strawberry suppliers to reduce the time between harvesting and making this fruit available in its stores. Despite Poland being one of the largest strawberry producers in Europe, these were mainly sold in traditional markets due to their very limited consumption lifetime.

Through a strategic partnership, Biedronka created a project among horticulturists in Portugal and Poland, in order to be able to offer a variety of traditional Polish garlic - the garlic harnas - in its stores, throughout the year, which is much appreciated in that country. Also innovative in the Meat category, Biedronka launched free-range chicken onto the market.