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Policy of Support for Surrounding Communities

The Policy for Supporting Surrounding Communities provides a system for the priority support granted to projects and institutions working to fight malnutrition and hunger, poverty cycles and social exclusion.

The Policy for Supporting Surrounding Communities was established in 2011 and aims to respond to some of the challenges faced by the societies in which the Group pursues its activities, namely the fight against malnutrition and hunger, as well as eradicating the cycles of poverty and social exclusion in two main groups: the underprivileged elderly, children and young people.

The support, whether at a central or local level, is provided through the donation of food, shopping vouchers that can be discounted on the purchase of food, personal and home care products, or through direct support (monetary) and indirect support (promoting charitable campaigns and serving as a facilitator).

Involvement in institutions that perform educational work targeting children and young people at risk, to prevent early school drop-out and social exclusion and promote entrepreneurship, is also considered.


Through the sharing of good monitoring practices and a structured model to assess the impacts on the surrounding communities in the short and medium term, the Group aims to be an agent of social change. Every year we monitor the support granted using the criteria outlined by the London Benchmarking Group.

With regard to the institutions that receive support from the Group's holding, the information on the mission and the activity goals, as well as on the number of beneficiaries is updated annually.

This information is complemented by data provided by the institutions and assessment visits, enabling the conditions of the infrastructures and services offered to the beneficiaries to be evaluated.