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Training and development

Training and development are the main tools to support our mission: to guarantee that each person does their best.

In the Jerónimo Martins Group we consider that:

  • Investing in the professional and personal development of employees is a foundation to obtain a sustainable and differentiating competitive advantage;
  • Training is a priority and full-time investment, decisive for pursuing the development policy and for the strategic challenges of the business;
  • Supporting employees, investing in their development, implies understanding their needs and matching them to business developments;
  • Internal mobility and training are two tools that support this aim.

Jerónimo Martins Training School

The Jerónimo Martins Training School (EFJM) was set up in 2005 in order to reach out to employees and ensure their on-going learning. Every day, the EFJM works to prepare outstanding teams.

The main objectives of the EFJM are:

  • To promote the personal and professional development of employees from the various companies of the Jerónimo Martins Group;
  • To standardise their training programmes;
  • To encourage the sharing of experiences and to consolidate a Group culture.

Most of our over 200 trainers are employees, who thus enhance and perpetuate their internal know-how.

With several training centres, the EFJM offers various courses, integrated training programmes and internships for learning technical and management skills. The EFJM develops customised training, in response to the needs of the business and of individuals.

The Group also set up the Fresh Produce school where employees become specialists in the areas of Bakery & Pastries, Fish and Meat Counters and Fruit & Vegetables, gaining skills and enhancing their careers.

External training

At the same time, we consider that the sharing of experiences outside the Group and contact with other management realities are critical factors for the development of our managers.

The Group promotes external training through:

  • Participation in executive programmes, seminars, congresses and conferences worldwide;
  • The setting-up of partnerships in a wide range of management areas, collaborating with some of the more prestigious training organisations in Portugal and abroad.