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Find out how to apply for
career opportunities at the
Jerónimo Martins Group.

The Jerónimo Martins Group employs more than 95 thousand people, spread across three countries and divided between two business areas. Find out here where to view information on Jerónimo Martins Group's recruitments in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.

Portugal Portugal
Image Portugal

To obtain information on the recruitment processes in progress, follow the Jerónimo Martins Group page on Linkedin and access the "Careers" option on that same page.

You may also send your spontaneous application to the following Group companies through their respective websites:

Poland Poland
Image Poland

To apply for recruitment processes in Poland, visit our careers website (in Polish).

Oportunities in Poland
Colombia Colombia
Omage Colombia

To apply for recruitment processes in Colombia, visit our careers website (in Spanish).

Oportunities in Colombia