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Candidate Profile

We aim to attract the best candidates and we offer them the possibility of accelerated career development in the Food Distribution business.

Our programme offers a unique chance of professional development for the best graduates, which should have the following characteristics:

  • Solid academic background

    A relevant Master´s Degree from a renowned university and the ability to demonstrate a solid academic track-record is a must. The candidates must not have more than 2 years' professional experience following their graduation.
  • Proactive attitude

    We seek people that were active while studying, through internship programmes, voluntary work or engagement in various organisations.
  • International experience

    The best candidates have built their intercultural competences through an international student exchange (Erasmus) or work-and-travel experience outside of their home country.
  • Command of English

    Being an international Group, we expect our candidates to be able to use English at an advanced level. The minimum requirement is B2 (European scale) that guarantees a working proficiency in English. The final phases of the recruitment process are conducted entirely in English.
  • Drive

    Dynamism, curiosity and ability to swiftly learn every single day. Ability to participate in challenging projects, to make hard choices and to take responsible decisions. Skill in influencing others, coupled with the ability to inspire. Eagerness to always reach for more, resilience and a passion for achievement.
  • Adaptability

    The best candidates think of their careers in the long-term, understanding that flexibility is one of the forces driving today´s working environment and are therefore able to work across different functions, with different people and locations.
  • Geographic Mobility

    Considering the geographically-dispersed structure of our business, the candidates are expected to be mobile country-wide and among countries to meet their development challenges during the programme as well as upon its completion.
  • Availability

    Our full-time programme is only available to graduates with a master's degree completed or nearing completion.

Know more at campus.jeronimomartins.pt.