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Programme in Detail

The Management Trainee Programme is an opportunity to learn and work with the professionals who contribute to the Group's success every day.

The Management Trainee Programme is a unique opportunity to join the world of the Jerónimo Martins Group. We provide a whole year of experiences, learning and growth as well as an opportunity to learn and work with the professionals who contribute to the Group's success every day.

We make sure that our Trainees are well prepared for their future challenges by knowing and understanding not only the Group, its Companies and functions, but also the context in which we operate.
The development programme has been built in such a way as to ensure the balance between the general comprehension of key business concepts relevant to our reality and the development of practical skills through hands-on practical experience on various levels within our organisation.


The programme starts in July every year and consists of two distinct parts that combined last for about a year.

  • General Business Training

    In this part, the Trainees as a group are introduced to the principles of our business and get to know about the companies and their respective functions. The highlight is then on the on-the-job training in our Operations (Stores), as well as on Logistics. The Trainees not only develop the basic technical knowledge that is essential for our business, but are also given the opportunity of experiencing and understanding our core-business. Once they have a general overview of the Group´s structure and functions, the Trainees are able to start defining their personal vision of career development within the Group.
  • Individual Function Training

    Considering the long-term development goals defined for each of the Trainees, after a few months, Trainees are assigned to specific departments (functions) and their development continues in a more individual manner. In this part, they develop knowledge and competences specific to the business and functional area in which they work. Upon completion of the individual training, the Trainees may continue in the same functional area or change, depending on the defined goals and their individual performance, as well as on the business needs.


All Trainees are hired with the objective of remaining in the Jerónimo Martins Group after the programme and they are provided with all the necessary means and support to meet our performance standards. We ensure that Trainees have adequate preparation for their future challenges through the application of multiple development practices.

  • On-the-job training

    Learning by working across different functions. Our Trainees especially value the training in our stores. The understanding of our business from a shop-floor perspective that they acquire in the beginning, turns out to be very useful in their future careers.
  • Class-room training

    We ensure that Trainees are provided with all the relevant knowledge and skills that will then be required from them in later stages of their development. The Trainees go through series of trainings with our internal trainers, thereby gaining not only specific industry-related knowledge, but also soft-skills required in today's workplace.
  • Workshops

    Our Managers (including top executives) and functional experts deliver a series of exclusive presentations and workshops allowing Trainees to broaden their horizons and participate in challenging discussions about the future of our business.
  • Development challenges

    The Trainees go through an array of individual and team assignments in which they tackle the emerging business challenges, provide insight into defined topics or perform assessments of particular aspects of our organisation.
  • Career counselling

    Our Trainees not only receive regular and individual feedback to build their self-awareness, but are also accompanied by our Human Resources team in the process of defining their career goals and how to achieve them.
  • Function assignment

    We make sure that our Trainees are assigned to future-oriented functions, high-performing teams and Managers. On many occasions, Trainees are working with former fellow Trainees who might have joined the Company many years ago, but never lost the Trainee spirit and understand what it takes to succeed.
  • Follow-up monitoring

    It should be emphasized that focus on development is not limited to the duration of the programme and goes well beyond it. Development of Management Trainees  is seen from a long-term perspective. Regular follow-up meetings are held to ensure the optimal development of Trainees and the best allocation of their potential within our organisation.

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