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What is it

The objective of this collaboration programme between top-tier Universities and the Jerónimo Martins Group is the development of new and important insights for the food retail and distribution sector through the development of Master's or Doctoral theses.

The JM Academic Thesis Programme intends to settle a bridge between the business world and the academic community, based on strong partnerships with students who are working on their Master's or Doctoral theses, in areas that are relevant for the Jerónimo Martins business.


  • Develop a thesis with a global key-player in Food Retail;
  • Understand and approach specific variables and features critical for the Retail and Modern distribution sectors;
  • Design innovative solutions to respond to real challenges identified by the different areas of the Jerónimo Martins Group;
  • Improve technical and transversal competencies, through on-the-job interaction with the reality of the business.