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Company Profile

Jerónimo Martins is an International Group based in Portugal, that operates in the Distribution and Agribusiness sectors.

Our main activity is Food Distribution: through our supermarket (Pingo Doce) and cash & carry (Recheio) chains in Portugal, and our food store chains in Poland (Biedronka) and in Colombia (Ara), we meet the needs of millions of consumers, offering a value proposition based on quality at competitive prices.

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Data as of 31/12/2015.

Business Segments

Distribution Distribution We are Food Distribution specialists with presence in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. The Group also operates in Specialised Retail. The Group's Distribution business
Agribusiness Agribusiness In 2014, Jerónimo Martins started a new business with the creation of the JMA, which has operations in the areas of dairy products, beef and aquaculture. The Group's Agribusiness

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