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Jerónimo Martins in Portugal

In Portugal, the Group is the market leader in Food Distribution and operates in the Specialised Retail sector, within a market of around 10 million consumers.

Jerónimo Martins in Portugal About Portugal

Total Area: 92,225 square km
Capital: Lisbon
Language: Portuguese
Resident Population: 10.4 million
Currency: Euro
GDP: €179,539 million 

Source: Pordata, INE, data for 2015



The recessive environment that has hit the country over the last few years has changed the Portuguese people's consumption habits, as they are now more rational and objective at the time of purchasing, placing greater importance on the value offering as a whole, reinforcing their price sensitivity and seeking immediate savings opportunities.

Business in Portugal

Food Distribution Food Distribution The Food Distribution business includes the retail market and the wholesale channel, through Pingo Doce and Recheio, respectively. Food Distribution activities of the Group
Specialised Retail Specialised Retail The Group operates the Jeronymo coffee shops and the Hussel bomboneries. Specialised Retail activities of the Group