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Jerónimo Martins in Poland

The Group is present in Poland through Jerónimo Martins Polska, the second largest Polish company in terms of turnover and which operates the biggest food retail chain in the country and includes businesses in the area of health and well-being.

Poland About Poland

Total Area: 312,679 square km
Capital: Warsaw
Language: Polish
Population: 38.01 million
Currency: Zloty
GDP: €427,737 million

Source: Pordata, data for 2015

about the MARKET

In the Polish food retail market, the sectors with most significant growth are discount and convenience stores. Discount stores continue to be the segment recording the fastest growth in recent years.

Consumer habits in Poland have been influenced by:

  • a faster pace of life, mainly in urban areas
  • less time available for shopping and preparing meals
  • the proximity, ease and speed of shopping
  • the availability of ready meals

The area of Private Brands, increasingly sought after in Poland, has entered a new development stage. The premium and convenience sectors have launched new products and the Private Brands ranges of other operators have been significantly extended.

Polish consumers seek out product proximity and low price offers, hence the success achieved in recent years by the discount segment.

Business in Poland

Food Distribution Food Distribution The Group operates the Biedronka label, the largest supermarket chain in Poland and the undisputed leader of the food retail market in that country. Food Distribution activities of the Group
Specialised Retail Specialised Retail The Group owns a chain of Hebe drugstores, which includes the Apteka Na Zdrowie pharmacy network. Specialised Retail activities of the Group