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Culture and Values

Born from the vision of a man named Jerónimo Martins in the late 18th century, the Group has always maintained, in its essence, a spirit of enterprise and orientation towards growth that have remained unaltered over generations.


Throughout its long history, ambition and a capacity to withstand difficulties have become intrinsic values for the Group, encouraging it to be increasingly efficient and competent in the development of its business.

Occupying today a leading position in the countries in which it operates, the Group believes that its history of success is due, to a great extent, to the sense of union and to the strong team spirit experienced in its Companies.


The Group's environment is conducive to the strengthening and development of values of work, discipline, rigour and competence. The management is oriented to respond to immediate challenges, incorporating concerns with both medium and long-term impacts, in line with a philosophy of Responsibility that has a long tradition in the Group.

With its unique combination of prudence emerging from extensive accumulated experience and the audacity to assume risks and innovate, the Group values knowledge and effort in the incessant demand for new and better solutions to respond to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

This motivation for constant innovation and pioneering spirit is an integral part of the Group's management culture, reflected in countless examples, the most recent of which include: the development of Meal Solutions (Take-Away and Restaurants in Pingo Doce stores), the launch of a range of diet products aimed at healthier eating and the creation of the "Amanhecer" store project.

The Group's way of doing business is characterized by its rigorous definition and implementation of its strategic plans. Transparency, particularly in defending the interests of its shareholders and in the evaluation and development of its employees' careers, reflects the importance given to relationships with its stakeholders. All this, within a paradigm of sustainable action.