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Core Competences

With extensive accumulated experience in the food sector, the Group now has a range of competences and a level of proficiency that differentiates it and enables it to develop its activities with confidence and determination.

Throughout its history, the Jerónimo Martins Group has acquired competences that provide it with a solid foundation for the development of its business and are a key determinant of its success.

Key Competences

Creation of strong store brands to sustain business

The Group has managed to establish strong emotional bonds and a sense of belonging with consumers, through its commitment to the quality of the products and services offered, as well as the overall shopping experience in its stores, thus gaining market leadership.

Adaptation of business models to markets and consumer trends

The Group has been able to adapt its business to markets and consumer trends where it operates, because:

  • It has profound knowledge of the needs and expectations of consumers, as well as consumer trends;
  • Its prices are highly competitive;
  • It focuses its sales dynamics on Private Brands and perishables, areas in which it is outstanding;
  • It constantly develops new projects, in a commitment to innovation.

Continuous optimisation of operation costs

Operating activities are centred on the continuous improvement of efficiency, productivity, on the exploitation of economies of scale and Group synergies and on constant technology updates.

Management capacity in uncertain and volatile environments

The discipline applied to planning, combined with flexibility in the introduction of permanent adjustments, enable the Group to set clear priorities which are known and shared across the entire Organisation.