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Data as of 31/12/2016.

Biedronka's mission is to be a retail chain offering a range of carefully selected, high quality products that satisfy daily dietary needs, at an every-day low price, and focusing on consumer satisfaction.

Value proposition

Biedronka's value proposition consists of offering a limited assortment of carefully selected, high quality products, with a view to satisfying the daily needs of its customers, with every-day low prices and large discounts.

The focus on the quality, differentiation and innovation of its assortment, with around 500 exclusive brands and around 1,500 product references, have remained the Company's key strategic pillars over the last few years.

Cornerstones of differentiation

Biedronka's differentiation strategy is based on a clear commitment to quality. And quality at Biedronka means:


Biedronka invests in an every-day low price policy, together with large discounts.

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An assortment of high-quality Perishables and Non-Perishables, comprised of around 1,500 carefully-selected product references, in order to meet the daily needs of Biedronka's customers. The vast majority of the products sold - more than 90% - are of Polish origin, supplied by more than 500 business partners.

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A network of more than 2,700 stores in over 1,000 locations spread throughout Poland. 

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Biedronka permanently evaluates and analyses the operations, looking for areas that may be improved, in order to bring greater satisfaction to its consumers.

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The customers' recognition of the banner's advantages boosts the opening of new stores and the constant improvement to the existing store network.

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