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Data as of 31/12/2016.

Ara's mission is to work every day, in a stimulating and gratifying environment for our people, with the common objective of winning consumer trust and preference and making Ara their main proximity store.

Ara are proximity food stores, mostly set-up in residential neighbourhoods. They combine a happy and colourful store environment whose architecture and product display provide a pleasant purchasing experience.

The average sales area is set at between 300 and 600 m2.

The store concept is the result of carrying out an in-depth analysis of the market and the needs and tastes of the Colombian people, which enabled a unique business model to be defined and implemented in the country, which is totally focused on the consumer.


Ara's value proposition is to offer consumers quality products, including a range of Private Brand articles, at stable and very competitive prices.

As in all the countries in which the Jerónimo Martins Group operates, the majority of the assortment and Private Brand products are produced locally.

The Ara brand was inspired by the country's immense wealth of biodiversity, especially by the fact that Colombia is considered to be "the paradise of birds". Affection and proximity were decisive aspects in the choice of the brand's symbolic territory.

Cornerstones of differentiation

Ara clearly invests in differentiation in various aspects:


Ara is positioned as a chain of quality products at the best prices, combining competitiveness with promotional opportunities in categories that are key to the Colombian consumer.


An assortment of quality Perishables and Non-Perishables, comprised of around 1,500 product references, of which over 150 are Private Brand products.

Private Brand

Ara's business is based on developing long-lasting partnerships with its strategic, local suppliers in order to provide and develop quality products at the best prices in the market.


Aiming to win the trust and preference of the Colombian consumers, Ara constantly seeks to identify opportunities for innovating its service, products and offering.