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The main objective of Jerónimo Martins Agro-Alimentar is to have direct access to the supply sources of strategic products, thereby guaranteeing the Group's internal needs, namely in the areas of dairy products, beef and aquaculture.

A actividade Agro-alimentar do grupoIn 2014, Jerónimo Martins started a new business with the creation of JMA, which has operations in the areas of dairy products, beef and aquaculture.

The operational activity started with the launch of the first two businesses: the Dairy factory in Portalegre - with an annual production of 40 million litres - and the Angus Beef Cattle Fattening Unit, in Manhente, Barcelos, with a capacity for 1,000 cattle.

At present, the start of aquaculture operations is also being prepared and a partnership agreement in Madeira has been signed.

In 2016, the construction of a new factory for dairy products began in Portalegre, which is to be completed in mid-2017. This modern facility will enable the efficient production of high quality milk and dairy products.