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Facts and Figures

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Sales Area

Data as of 31st December 2012, including Mainland Portugal and Madeira.

With 36 cash & carry stores and 3 food service platforms in Mainland Portugal, 1 cash & carry store and 1 food service platform  in Madeira, Recheio is the operator with the most extensive national coverage.

Recheio's mission is to contribute to the growth and sustainability of its customers. It thus seeks to be its Customers' main business partner, offering them products that meet their everyday needs, with high quality and at low prices and maintaining a relationship of trust with them.

Recheio is the first HACCP certified Food Distribution company, responding to the strictest international Food Safety and Hygiene plans.

Value proposition

The Recheio value proposition consists of responding to all the needs of Traditional Retail and Catering channel customers, by offering the best solutions for its Customers at all times.

For the traditional retail segment, Recheio offers a range that includes, in addition to leading brands, a Private brand that can help them to be more competitive.Capitalising on synergies with the Amanhecer stores project, Recheio also offers its customers know-how in assortment management and Traditional Retail operations.

For its customers in the hotel industry, Recheio even further in its services offered, through food service platforms with a proposition based on distribution to customers.

Cornerstones of differentiation

Recheio has made a clear commitment to differentiation in the following fields:


Combining a wide range of products and the best quality with the best price.

Recheio Tickets

Fresh Produce

Specialisation in fresh produce with an extensive, high quality assortment, at competitive prices.

Fresh Produce

Proximity Relationship with Customers

Building strong and lasting relationships of trust with customers, offering each segment the most appropriate value for their needs;

Proximity Relationship

Private Brands

Wide range of quality private brands, with a certified development process and a price differential that can reach 50% compared with market leader brands.

Recheio Private Brands

Recheio Private Brands

  • Masterchef

    The MasterChef brand was developed for hotel industry professionals and its value proposition is based on quality and price. It currently has more than 1,000 products and can be found in all the company's stores; this brand has been the key attraction for new customers, as well as one of the most important drivers of sales growth for the chain.
  • Gourmês

    Launched in 2010, this is a restricted range of products especially designed to be served in restaurants, cafés, and hotels. The new brand, based on three principles - quality, an attractive image and competitive prices - is an excellent option for Recheio's Customers from the hospitality industry.
  • Amanhecer

    The perfect brand for Recheio's customers from traditional retail businesses. It includes over 200 products, especially designed for the everyday needs of Portuguese homes, with a quality equivalent to the most well-known brands on the market, and at low prices.

Amanhecer Stores

The Amanhecer brand has already existed for over 10 years as a Private Brand. However, in February 2011, the Amanhecer brand was reborn with a totally new business model: a commercial cooperation agreement with small and medium-sized independent grocers that were already Recheio customers - The Amanhecer Project.

The main strategic objective of the Amanhecer Project is to strengthen relations with Traditional Retail customers, as well as to contribute to the sustainability of long-term sales, both for the Company and for its customers in a true win-win relationship.

The project is based on the conversion and adaptation of traditional local shops to the "Amanhecer" layout and naming, with customers benefiting from special buying conditions at Recheio, from its know-how, as well as from economies of scale.