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Pingo Doce

Facts and Figures

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Data as of 31st December 2013, including Mainland Portugal and Madeira.

Value proposition

Pingo Doce is a benchmark for quality and innovation in Modern Distribution, with a special focus on fresh produce and its Private Brand.

The value proposition is centred on satisfying customer needs through:

  • A comprehensive range of high quality perishables;
  • Competitive prices, maintaining an excellent quality-price ratio;
  • A pleasant shopping environment with a guarantee of the highest food safety and of good customer service;
  • A lasting relationship of trust with customers.

Cornerstones of differentiation

With its customers in mind, Pingo Doce has clearly invested in differentiation reflected in specialisation in the following areas:


High quality, variety and innovation. Offering a unique shopping environment similar to that of traditional municipal markets;


Pingo Doce Brand

The quality/price ratio is one of the main pillars of differentiation of the Pingo Doce brand, the first to obtain a quality certificate for its development process.

Quality is guaranteed by the following processes:


1. Ongoing assessment of customer needs and tastes;
2. Continuous research in the area of production technology;
3. Rigorous selection of producers;
4. Constant control of manufacturing processes;
5. Continuous control of products through quality control tests.


This is why, for its know-how and capacity for innovation, Pingo Doce brand products already represent over one third of store sales.

Pingo Doce Brand

Meal Solutions

Convenient and differentiated provision of meal solutions, including Ready To Cook, Ready To Heat, Ready To Eat and also restaurant services;

Meal Solutions

Pricing Policy

Offer of a food and non-food range through a highly competitive pricing policy.

Pingo Doce Tickets

Unique Store Ambience

Creating a shopping experience that is unique in the market, similar to a traditional market in the fresh produce area, enhanced by meal solutions and store promotions. Pingo Doce continues its proximity strategy based on a continuous focus on the refurbishment of its stores.

Store Ambience

Food specialist

Pingo Doce, as a chain specialising in food, offers its customers not just products, but also food solutions. More than 200 of its over 370 stores - supermarkets and hypermarkets - include Take-Away services and around 35 have a "Refeições no Sítio do Costume" restaurant.

Pingo Doce offers consumers a unique, high quality and convenient shopping experience, at stable and always competitive prices.