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Data as of 31st December 2012.

Acquired by the Jerónimo Martins Group in 1997, at the end of 2012 Biedronka had over 2,100 stores which offer high quality food products at low prices every day.

Valuing proximity with consumers, Biedronka has gained general popularity in Poland. After 17 years in business, Biedronka has clearly won the recognition and preference of the Polish consumers: 93% are aware of the brand (source GFK), 73% say they usually buy in the chain stores (source PRM) and 42% of Poles consider Biedronka their main store (source PRM).

Value proposition

The value proposition of Biedronka consists of offering a limited range of carefully selected products, of high quality, meeting the everyday needs of its customers, at a low price every day.

A focus on quality, differentiation and an innovative range, with around 500 exclusive brands and 900 items, have remained the pillars of the Company's strategy over recent years.

Cornerstones of differentiation

Biedronka bases its differentiation strategy on a clear commitment to quality. And quality at Biedronka is reflected in:


Biedronka is committed to a positioning as a food store offering constantly low prices (everyday low price), where a limited range of high quality food products can be bought every day.

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A range of quality perishables and non-perishables, comprising over 900 product lines, carefully selected to meet the everyday needs of Biedronka customers. An overwhelming majority (more than 90%) of the products sold are of Polish origin, supplied by more than 500 business partners.

Milk Start


Chain of stores in proximity locations for consumers and with easy access and a pleasant ambience.



Biedronka has a highly motivated customer-oriented team, both in its stores and in the Company's central structure.



Biedronka constantly evaluates and analyses its operations, looking for areas that can be improved in order to better satisfy its consumers.



Recognition of the benefits of the chain by its customers has boosted the opening of new stores and the constant improvement of existing stores.