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Statutory Auditor and External Auditor

The Statutory Auditor of the Company is elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting on a proposal of the Audit Committee.

The Statutory Auditor is responsible for conducting all checks and examinations necessary for the review and legal certification of the Company's accounts, as well as for exercising other powers that it may be granted by law.

The Company's Statutory Auditor for year 2016 is PricewaterhouseCoopers.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is also the External Auditor.



PricewaterhouseCoopers & Associados - Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas, Lda. (ROC n.º 183)

Palácio Sottomayor, Rua Sousa Martins, 1 - 3.º, 1050-217 Lisboa

Represented by:
João Rui Fernandes Ramos (ROC no. 1.333) or António Joaquim Brochado Correia (ROC no. 1076)

José Manuel Henriques Bernardo (ROC no. 958)