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Corporate Governance

The Jerónimo Martins Group has adopted the best market practices in its Corporate Governance model.

The Company's Board pays particular attention to matters related to Corporate Governance and it considers the Group's policy to be consistent with the best market practices and that the operation of its governance model is the most appropriate to the interests of all its stakeholders.

Model of Governance

In 2007, Jerónimo Martins adopted the so-called "Anglo-Saxon" model of governance, with the following corporate bodies: the Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the Chartered Accountant, as a coherent evolution of the previous monist model.

This model of governance is then completed and adapted to the company's needs through the configuration of the internal organisation structure chosen by the board of directors. 


Internal Organisation of the Board of Directors

Chief executive officer and Specialised Committees

Since 2010, the Board of Directors of Jerónimo Martins has opted to delegate the day-to-day management of corporate business to a CEO and has set up specialised committees intended to monitor and supervise certain areas. The current structure of the Board of Directors includes the CEO and the Committee on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility (CCGRC).

Managing Committee

Also in 2010, in order to assist the CEO in the course of his duties, the Board of Directors set up a Managing Committee, a body comprising senior management from the Group and the CEO himself, who chairs this Committee.

Other Committees

The Company also has a Remuneration Committee, elected by the Shareholders' Meeting, an Ethics Committee and an Internal Control Committee.