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Financial Glossary


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Investments in tangible and intangible assets, investment properties and acquisitions.

EBIT Margin

(+ Operating Results – Non-Recurrent Operating Results) / Net Sales & Services


(+ Operating Results + Depreciation - Non-Recurrent Operating Results) / Net Sales & Services


Net Debt / Shareholders funds

Interest Cover Ratio

EBITA / [+ Financial Results (excluding non-recurrent items) - Partners loans interest]

Invested Capital (for Pre-Tax ROIC purposes)

Gross Goodwill + Net Fixed Assets (Tangible and Intangible) + Working Capital (excluding Deferred Taxes and Income Tax Provisions) + Net Financial Investments

Like-For-Like sales (LFL)

Sales made by stores which operated under the same conditions in two periods. It excludes opened stores, closed stores or stores which suffered major remodelling works in one of the periods.

Net Debt

Bonds + Bank Loans + Other loans +/- Derivative Financial Instruments - Marketable securities and bank deposits + Leasing + Accrued interest

Shareholders Funds

Share Capital + Reserves and Retained Earnings + Net Profit of the year + Minority Interests