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Commitment to Shareholders

Accessible, transparent and accurate information, in strict compliance with duties to inform shareholders, regulatory authorities and the market in general.

Thorough and Transparent Information

Group Jerónimo Martins is committed on establishing accessible, transparent and accurate communication with its interlocutors, employees, business partners, analysts and the media, having established an information policy that puts into effect these objectives.

Jerónimo Martins is committed to respect the principle of equal treatment to shareholders, making the relevant information available to all, at the same time in a timely, transparent, complete and accurate manner.

Jerónimo Martins guarantees, at any moment in time, that its website contains, in an accurate and complete manner, all the publicly disclosed relevant information for its shareholders and remaining stakeholders.

Group Jerónimo Martins strictly complies with its obligations to provide information to the regulatory entities, its shareholders and the market in general in a timely, thorough and reliable way.